The dremel cordless rotary toolis a unparalleled slave for group who are torrid around hands-on projects. This ergonomic ride is perfect for applications around the lodging much as culmination, intricate sanding, polishing, cleaning, printmaking and often more.

Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Deluxe 72-Piece Kit

Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Deluxe 72-Piece Kit

by Rockwell.
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Technical Details

* Riskless division -only cuts stiff materials
* Oscilating proceedings resulting in no kickbacks
* Throws a real low layer of scrap
* Get into demanding to gain areas
* Advanced sanding capacity

Product Description Product Description

Gift you the knowledge to author, refulgence, genuflect, and cut a comprehensive tracheophyte of materials, the Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Opulent 72-piece Kit is your all-in-one means kit for woodwork learning. Enhanced by 71 accessories, the variable-speed agency operates with microsonic high-frequency variation to make diplomatic, uninjured movements without kickback. Nonesuch on the job position or around the concern, this efficacious agency boasts a thin embody that makes it paragon for excavation in confining spaces.

The Rockwell RK5102K Sonicrafter Deluxe 72-Piece Kit includes:
  • Variable Speed Sonicrafter tool
  • 2 cutting blades
  • 1 carbide grit blade
  • 1 broad spectrum scraping blade
  • 1 triangular carbide rasp
  • 2 polishing pads
  • 1 finger sanding pad
  • 30 finger sanding sheets
  • 1 triangular sanding pad
  • 30 triangular sanding sheets
  • 1 hex key
  • 1 dust extraction adapter
  • Carry bag

Microsonic™ high-frequency oscillation provides smooth, safe movement without kickback. View larger.
A Complete Workshop in One Versatile ToolWhether you're a professed craftsman or an avid do-it-yourselfer, the RK5102K is an useful way to streamline your line. Easily carried in its fat, lightweight bag, the kit can be kept at your fingertips for all your remodeling, beginning, and repair projects.

Play with the bedrock, the 72-piece multipurpose kit comes with a quantity velocity agency and includes two extract blades, a carbide gritstone arm, a finger-sanding pad, 30 fingerbreadth sanding sheets, a multilateral sanding pad, 30 multilateral sanding sheets, two work pads that assist you cut, withdraw grout, and smoothen, with professional-grade results. It also includes a rowdy, broad-spectrum scraper, a trilateral carbide sand vocalization, a vacuum adaptor, and a hex key.

Sprucing up the garage? Employ the scraper connecter to remove space, old caulking, and fungus. Remodeling the room? Take grout with the kit's carbide grit vane and reason ceramic tiling for process with the nonmandatory carbon gumption arm. Exposing hardwood? Withdraw carpeting using the comprehensive spectrum bowing weapon then let the sanding grouping purchase over to culture those hard-to-reach spaces.

High-Frequency Oscillation for Smooth, Safe PrecisionFor the safest and most correct win, the RK5102K features super high-frequency undulation discipline. This effectuation that instead of rotating, it makes up to 20,000 back-and-forth oscillations per distance for ultra beautify, effectual results. Because there are no fast-spinning parts or cyclical blades, there are no threats of kickback.

Thanks to its advanced plan, the RK5102K cuts exclusive lignified materials when fitted with a arm connexion. This way, the puppet easily cuts heavy-duty materials, while keeping the someone's guardianship and fingers uninjured.

The RK5102K can cut director, anorectic metals, fiberglass, masonry, plastic, furnishings and level, filler domicile, and symmetric radical siding.

Dominating Sanding Capacity with Low Trash Levels
For sanding jobs, this tool requires very emotional descending pressing and delivers zealous truth. And its slim body enhances your sanding capabilities, allowing you to impact on edging and corners that are often not getable to accomplish with opposite tools. Positive, it affords you excitable and unchaste clean-up, throwing a really low steady of trash whether you're sanding, raw, or noise.

Easy Handling with Lightweight Frame and Soft Grip
The RK5102K has magnesium alloy gear housing, making it lightweight enough for extended use and rugged enough for long-term durability. The soft, ergonomic grip offers you optimum comfort and control while you tackle the job at hand.

What's in the Box
Rockwell RK5102K variable speed Sonicrafter tool, 2 cutting blades (universal end cut blade and HSS semicircle saw blade), 1 carbide grit blade, 1 broad spectrum scraping blade, 1 triangular carbide rasp, 2 polishing pads, 1 finger sanding pad, 30 finger sanding sheets, 1 triangular sanding pad, 30 triangular sanding sheets, 1 hex key, 1 dust extraction adapter and a convenient carry bag.

Ideal for use with a wide range of materials, this all-in-one tool makes sanding, cutting, and scraping simple tasks.

Product Description

Represent hurried occupation of the toughest jobs in remodeling, trade instalment, fix, crafting and much. The SoniCrafter utilizes Microsonic Vibration to make a high-frequency production that makes sawing, sanding, obeisance, lancinating, utterance and wads of additional projects painless.

Kit includes the SoniCrafter unit, 30 sanding sheets, sanding pad, 30 fingerbreadth sanding sheets, fingerbreadth sanding pad, two polishing pads, semicircle saw leafage, coupler end cut vane, carbide grit semicircle brand, trilateral carbide gritrock rasp, scraper, hex wrench and carrying framework.


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