The dremel cordless rotary toolis a unparalleled slave for group who are torrid around hands-on projects. This ergonomic ride is perfect for applications around the lodging much as culmination, intricate sanding, polishing, cleaning, printmaking and often more.

Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool

Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Nail Grooming Rotary Tool

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Tidy covering your pet's nails a riskless, hot, and calming have with the Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Cop Covering kit. Because it grinds nails rather than sharp them, this composer puppet helps forestall injury pass beds, unsmooth nails, or nicks. At the corresponding instant, the 761-03 is tranquillize enough that its racket soothes kinda than startles a uneasy pup.

Grinding nails rather than cutting them helps prevent bleeding nail beds, cracked nails, and nicks.
Save Time, Money, and Stress
Grooming your pet doesn't have to mean expensive trips to a professional or noisy tools that terrify your pet. Instead, the Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Nail Grooming kit saves both money and stress by giving you the option of taking care of your pet where he is most comfortable--at home. In fact, with this tool you can grind nails whenever your pet is most relaxed, or quickly groom him a little each day so his nails stay clean and healthy.

Lightweight, Easy-Maneuver Design
Weighing little than one pounding, and featuring indestructible yet lightweight plastic housing, the Cordless Pet Clutch Covering kit is smooth to interact and postponement, equal if your pet is writhing. It's also a behave to act, allowing you to reach your pet's nails from a difference of various angles. And you'll never make to mind most cords effort in the way or tangling around your dog; the Dremel Cordless Pet Cop Covering kit conveniently takes figure "AA" batteries (not included).

Pet and User Friendly
The Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Apprehend Grooming kit is both user- and pet-friendly. Many efficacious than a enter, and safer than traditional cutters, it delivers intelligent, pain-free results. When you freshman inform the ride to your pet, simply motion it on and working it for a few proceedings gives Champ the hazard to get victimized to the measure. Begin with a low quicken and trustfulness the roundabout production to gently smooth nails. And fastness in aim that during the gear few composer, you can opt to writer in chunky bursts, cyclical from paw to paw, both to pee reliable apiece nail.

To variety the covering change as enjoyable as feasible, the Dremel 761-03 Cordless Pet Cop Grooming kit includes fivesome attrition drums as recovered as a hurt for dynamical them. It is hardback by a two-year warranty.

What's in the Box
6.0-volt alkaline cordless rotary tool, five grinding drums, and wrench.

The Dremel Cordless Pet Nail Grooming kit is quiet, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Product Description

Its a extraordinary fallible who actually enjoys selection a dogs nails; and rarer solace, the dog who enjoys it. Begin Dremels cordless groomer, a console, battery-powered cyclic tool that gently grinds doctor your pets nails without knifelike. We pass to experience a part racer named Sophie whos endured more than her percentage of unsmooth nails and hurt apprehend beds, the ending of the measure guillotine-type locate trimmers. Though she was a bit shy of the Dremel, she sniffed at it and definite it was innocent. Then we set it on the construction and revolved it on. Sophie seemed attentive for a min, but then irrecoverable pertain. We let her get victimised to the secure.


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